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Current Job Opportunities

Updated: March 26, 2024

⇢ Detailed Weeder $28/hr - Quality over quantity - Pulls weeds by the root - Pays attention to the details - Particular about atheistic’s - Sweats the small stuff - Perfectionist - Enjoys the transformation from messy to tidy and attractive - Carefully moves through the garden, making sure not to trample plants - Strong, flexible, in good shape - Unafraid to get dirty - Willing to learn, work with others, and be professional on the job site

⇢ General Garden Labour $28/hr -Digging holes -Pulling out weeds -Raking leaves -Cleaning out ground gutters -Scooping up debris build-up -Moving soil in a wheelbarrow -Using a hard rake to level the ground -Watering plants -Cutting back plants like ferns -Using a leaf blower -Loading green-waste into the truck -Unloading the truck -Strong, flexible, in good shape -Careful and considerate of their surroundings -Takes pride in their work -Willing to learn, work with others, and be professional on the job site

⇢ Hedge Trimmer $31/hr - strong build - likes working with gas tools - fínese on the tools -Takes their time to do a good job -Clean lines and tight cuts -Takes pride in their work -Wears safety gear like ears and eyes -strong, flexible, in good shape -Knowledge or experience in pruning/trimming -Willing to learn, work with others, and be professional on the job site

⇢ Operations Lead Hand $31/hr - Lead a team in the garden - Have the heart of a teacher - Organization - Creating company standards and systems - Typical garden tasks - Strong, flexible, in good shape - Confidence to fix problems on site - Take responsibility for the crew - Help shape the inner workings of the company - Garden knowledge - Big picture thinking - Mentoring others - Willing to learn, work with others, and be professional on the job site

⇢ Landscape Technician $31/hr - Graduated from affiliate program with Landscape Technician diploma or equivilant - Plant shopping -Quick decision making -Plant knowledge -Creative mind -Strong, flexible, in good shape -Horticulture knowledge and understanding -Particular on planting techniques -Able to make suggestions -Big picture thinking -General and typical garden tasks -Willing to learn, work with others, and be professional on the job site

⇢ Tree Care Professional $31/hr ⇢ Irrigation Specialist $31/hr ⇢ Lighting Specialist $31/hr ⇢ Hardscaping Specialist $31/hr ⇢ Driver/Soil Delivery $28/hr

About the Company: Oasis Garden Care is currently a one woman show that started in 2021 under the name Landlady Landscaping. Hi, I’m Danielle. It’s time to expand the business and start creating economic opportunities for others. I do not want to continue this journey alone and I am looking to hire the best of the best to join my team and take things to a new level. There is lot’s of work out there for us, so let’s get going!

About the Vision of the Company: We show up to the site and get going like little worker ants, with fun uniforms and the best tools. Good-looking trucks and a crew that works hard and has eachother’s backs. We lead the industry into the 21st century, offering online bookings, delivering the best customer care, and providing that special touch of detail to each job. As the business grows, our brand becomes a disruptor in the landscaping industry. Our clients take pride in being part of our garden club. We're not just garden workers; we're problem solvers. Everyone is taken care of in this company because we rise together. We take pride in the way we look and in caring for those around us. We strive for a good life where everyone benefits!

Location: It is a requirement that you live on the North Shore for all roles at this time. There will be no exceptions to this. The reason for this is to ensure we are supporting the local economy and residents to sustain a healthy community. Also, no bridge traffic = happier humans.

Uniform: In the works: Uniform Supplied and Paid For (carhartts, shorts, t-shirt, long sleeve, hoodie, tank-top, sports bra, socks, hat, etc). It looks pretty sweet when the team is matching, plus don’t wreck your own clothes at work! Steel toe boots are required and not provided at this time.

Tools: Tools and safety equipment will be provided, but you can bring your own if you have a preference, or we can look into getting a new tool suite. We want the best of the best


Hours: You choose. Roles can be full-time or part-time. Operating hours are Monday-Friday from 9:30am-5:30pm. Half-days (4hrs) or full-days (8hrs) available. Willing to find solutions for conflicting schedules, of course! More can be discussed during the interview process.


About You: I’m looking for candidates who not only excel in their roles but also embody an entrepreneurial mindset, taking ownership of their work and seeing themselves as integral contributors to the company's success - including sharing ideas on how to make the company better. I aim to empower my employees by offering competitive pay and full control over project selection and scheduling, fostering a culture where individuals feel like business owners themselves. If you're goal-oriented, adaptable, and ready to work hard, we'd love to hear from you.



How to Apply: Either use the form below or email your updated resume (or equivalent) with a small introductory paragraph telling me what excites you about the role. Include a fun fact about yourself. Please put the job title as the subject of the email so I know which role(s) you are applying for.  Send it to:


I encourage all who are in interested in a role to apply because you never know what can happen!

More About Working with Oasis Garden Care

Hello! My small garden business is expanding and we're looking to hire the best of the best for the up-coming season. If you are interested in any of the roles below please consider applying for the role even if you are inexperienced - you never know what can happen! I would like to curate a strong team that compliments each others strengths and is willing to work together to turn ugly & messy gardens into beautiful spaces. My company is about QUALITY over quantity and sometimes that means slowing down to make sure things are perfect for our clients.

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Thank you for your application! Feel free to reach out to to follow up if you don't hear back within two weeks of your application.

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